Five Activities Your Baby Can Do In A Onesie

Five Activities Your Baby Can Do In A Onesie

A onesie is one of the top go-to outfit by parents for their little ones. The loosely-fitted bodysuit is designed for easy changing, making it a fuss-free choice for everyday. Other than onesies being comfortable for lounging at home and sleeping at night, there are many different activities that your baby can do in a onesie as well.

1. Walking in the Park

With pandemic restrictions loosened, it’s a lot easier for kids to head outdoors and take a walk in the park for some fresh air. With the scorching heat brought by summer, it’s best for your little one to wear something easy and breezy, like bean’s Comfy Casuals Fluttered Sleeveless Onesie.

Available in fresh and playful Lemon, Lilac, and Peach colors, the Fluttered Sleeveless Onesie comes in Small to XL for kids 0-24 months.

2. Playdates with Friends

Being able to interact with other children is important for your little one, as there are many cognitive and emotional benefits to it. By interacting with other children, your little one develops creativity, confidence, social intelligence, and communication skills.

Make playdates easy and comfortable for your little ones by dressing them up in bean’s Comfy Casuals Sleeveless Onesie made with a soft and stretchable knitted cotton fabric.

Not only will they look good for their photo opportunities, but they’d also be comfortable enough to do any activity planned for the day.

Available in Cream, Lemon, Lilac, Peach, Periwinkle, and Teal, the Sleeveless Onesie is perfect for little boys and girls aged 0-24 months.

3. Playschool Days

Taking their child to playschool is an exciting feat for many parents. To make sure your little one is in their best mood at school, it’s important to make sure they are wearing something comfortable enough for the activities they’re bound to do.

Bean’s very first collection with Robert Alejandro features beautiful local artistry and Filipino culture in a smooth and comfortable Cotton Spandex onesie.

From the Philippine Tarsier, to the Philippine Jeepney, the Robert Alejandro collection features adorable designs you’d definitely want to collect. Available in Small to Large for kids 0-18 months.

4. Story Time with Mama

A special way to bond with your little one is through story time. Reading to your babies and little children helps promote brain development and imagination, develops language and emotions, and strengthens the relationship between mother and child.

What better way to enjoy story time with mama than in a matching Mama and Baby set? Featuring a comfortable and soft shirt for mama, and a matching onesie for baby, this is perfect for twinning OOTDs and presko enough for full days at home.

Available in Sky Blue, Sea Foam Green, Peach, Carnation Pink, and Orchid from Small to Large for both mama and baby.

5. Dancing with Dad

Dancing with dad is a special bonding moment little children particularly enjoy. It not only strengthens relationships between father and child, but it also helps develop your little one’s muscle tone, space and body awareness, and stimulates their senses as well.

Every dancing session at home calls for a comfortable and breezy piece that makes it easy for your little one to move around. Bean’s Ruffle Sleeve Onesie is made with breathable ribbed Cotton Spandex for ultimate comfort, making it perfect for dancing.

Available in Lavender, Light Blue, Coral, and Nude, the Comfy Casuals Ruffle Sleeve Onesie is especially made for little girls aged 0-18 months.

Five Activities Your Baby Can Do In A Onesie


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